Kunḍạlini or Kunḍạlini Śakti is a Tantric term referring to this condensed, primal, creative life-force as it connects specifically to our highest spiritual potential. It symbolizes the awakening of our individual consciousness and ultimate spiritual development. In Tantric mythology, Kuṇdạlini Śakti is a wonderful feminine representation of higher spiritual consciousness depicted as a serpent goddess who lies asleep at the base of the spine, coiled three and a half times around the Mūlādhāra chakra.

This higher spiritual energy is considered to be dormant in most people. “Dormant” really means that you are not currently realizing your fullest spiritual potential. It is said that as we evolve and grow spiritually, “Kuṇdạlini rises,” meaning that we have a heightened spiritual awareness or experience. “Kuṇdạlini rising” is sometimes described as a monumental event, as if Kuṇdạlini were a freight train of consciousness smashing through our wall of spiritual ignorance. The movement of Kuṇdạlini, or the awakening of spiritual experience, is more likely a gradual process of developing or “raising” our mental, emotional, and spiritual awareness and bringing our highest intentions in line with that awareness. It is a refining of these aspects of ourselves over time and releasing limited thinking that may be blocking our ability to accept love and abundance, and to experience the sacredness of all of life.

Many different kinds of circumstances can stimulate an awakening of higher consciousness, or cause Kuṇdạlini “to rise.” Extended periods of meditation, various yogic practices, fasting, trauma, psychedelic substances, or near-death experiences can all potentially open the channels to higher awareness. Conversely, sometimes a seemingly small or insignificant event can become the occasion for a deeply transformative experience. When Kuṇdạlini is “released,” it creates an unobstructed vertical connection between all seven chakras. More specifically, Kuṇdạlini energy activates the Suṣumṇā nāḍi, or central channel that moves up the spine. Suṣumṇā is the energetic pathway along which all the chakras are situated and is the main channel through which heightened spiritual energy travels. Kuṇdạlini energy rising signifies that our own internal energy has begun to refine and clear. Our physical, mental, and emotional blocks have been addressed such that we are no longer expending our internal resources on draining or distracting preoccupations, worries, or endless desires. Our thoughts, feelings, and aspirations are unambiguous and in line with our highest intentions. Rather than feeling we are always running on our reserves and bogged down in negativity, we instead feel empowered, vibrant, and fully alive! We may experience a deeper sense of spiritual connection and an ever-expanding sense of love for ourselves, the world, and everything in it.